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2020 came and went

It’s oh so quiet – or at least is has been for the past year.

There has not been many posts or updates to the site, not because of lockdown (although it might have had something to do with it) but because I’ve been writing most posts on our corporate site

I’ll try to get some updated content on this site in the very soon future, so hopefully it’s still worth to keep the site bookmarked.

Extending GPT/LVM disk on CentOS

Friday turned out to be a tinker day, one of those where you come home a little wiser than when you left 🙂

In production we have some HPE servers running large data collections, something I guess would qualify as big-data. They are based on CentOS 7.2 and each have a data volume of 15TB that was running low.

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Kickstart your knowledge in 2018

Christmas is just around the corner and the year is coming to a close.

Usually this last quarter is one of the busiest of the year for the companies as the last orders needs to be closed before the financial year closes.

So when January comes we should be filled with renewed energy and a lot of new years resolutions that needs to be fulfilled.

One of them could be how to advance our skillset, maybe get inspired to take on new projects to move the business forward or simply just meet some old or maybe new friends and get a feeling of what direction the industry is heading in 2018.

Here are a couple of the “must attend” events in the first quarter of 2018, both in Copenhagen.

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